Kereta Bed & Breakfast



Karen and Dave from Kereta Bed & Breakfast decided they wanted more of a web presence than their current Air BnB listing.  They approached me with an idea and within a week we had turned their ideas into a fully functioning website.  Karen is now maintaining the site herself and creating content via the site blog which also helps with them with Google Searches.

I will be visiting Kereta Bed & Breakfast later in the year as a photographer to update the photos for their website.  I am certainly looking forward to a few days by the beach - ah work can be so hard!


Site Launch

I am currently working on two sites for clients - both of which are waiting on content. So what do I do in my spare time - create a new site!  And here it is.  I want to try and keep my website design separate from the photography as much as I can, as one is work and one is play.  Though sometimes I think the lines blur a lot.

If you are interested in seeing some of my photographic work have a look at and troll through the blog.  It is my portfolio, my photographic diary and my passion.  It has been severely neglected while I have been house bound with a foot in a cast but that is set to change in the near future.